Aloys Klar's Secondary School

The school continues with the tradition of the Klar’s Institute for visually impaired established in 1832. The founder of the institute, professor Aloys Klar, was a promoter of progressive educational approaches and methods. Particularly his effort to integrate visually handicapped people into the professional life is worth mentioning. Other remarkable contributions were the construction of a relaxation and rehabilitation centre including a swimming pool, a boarding house and workshops for pupils with special needs whose products were sold to the public. 
At present, the Aloys Klar’s Secondary School is governed by the Prague Council. The school is based on more than 170 year tradition of upbringing and educating visually impaired people. The school curriculum follows contemporary pedagogical and psychological trends in educating people with various physical and social handicaps. The education is focused on youth with special educational needs and prefers cooperation in small groups. There are up to 14 pupils in one class and this number allows teachers to have an individual approach to pupils. We prepare pupils who have accomplished primary and practical primary schools in the following three-year courses:
• upholsterer
• book-binder
• pottery maker
• fitness and sport masseur
• brush and basketry works
• pottery and ceramics works
The three-year courses are completed with a leaving examination and pupils receive a certificate of vocational training. 
Pupils who have accomplished primary school can study also in the following four-year courses:
• sport and fitness masseur
• textile art and design
The four-year courses are completed with a final school leaving examination (Maturita). 
Pupils accomplishing three-year courses can apply for a two-year course of:
• business administration.
• advanced fitness and sport masseur
The course is completed with a final school leaving examination (Maturita). 
Highly qualified teachers guarantee both theory and practice as well as extra curricular activities. Psychologist, social worker, methodology specialist in prevention and educational and career advisor provide special care for pupils. 
Pupils from all over the country can apply for the courses mentioned above. There is a sufficient accommodation capacity provided to pupils living out of Prague. The school building is large and modern, light and fully wheelchair accessible and it is also equipped with a lift, which can be used for faster and more comfortable movement inside the building. School is situated in a friendly environment of a large garden including a football pitch, beach-volleyball court, climbing wall and an outdoor space for classes located outdoors. There is also an air-conditioned sports hall in the school area. The hall is suitable for ball games and another free time activities and operates during the whole year in all seasons. The school canteen provides full board service. A number of leisure time activities are offered to pupils including:
• team sports, body building, climbing, water sports, chess 
• pottery, craft work and fine arts
• gardening
• information technology
• theatre fan club
• music classes
The Aloys Klar’s Secondary School and the Horáčkova Nursery were united in January 2013. Both the secondary school and the nursery have their own buildings and teachers, but they cooperate in educational activities and they have the same administration. Students and their parents can also use services of the Remedial pedagogical centre, which is included in the nursery. The centre provides consultations and diagnostic services.